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Samuel McNair's After Bruegel is a humorous homage to the Dutch Master reflecting the politics and power in our time.

Illustrated densely as a kind of eye-spy for adults. Layers of meaning, dark humour, whimsy and wit collide in McNair's hand drawn, digitally coloured monograph to Bruegel.

Following Bruegel's example of illustrating proverbs McNair contemporises the 16th century Seven Sins print series in inventive ways. Each illustration is accompanied by the original from which it is adapted and a list of proverbs to find within.

Satirised in this book are the many powers and political figures of our day Xi Jinping, the Trumps, Putin, Murdoch, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Rhinehart, Morrison, Kanye and many, many more all jostle in the visual melee. After Bruegel book is a time capsule reflecting the era as McNair sees it.


Avarice/ Toad - Sam McNair 2019 - After Bruegel the Elder

Wrath - Bear

Wrath/Bear Samuel McNair 2020 - After Bruegel the Elder

Lust - Rooster

Lust/Rooster Sam McNair 2019 - After Bruegel the Elder

Pride - Peacock

Pride - Peacock, Samuel McNair - After Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Gluttony - Pig

Gluttony - Pig Samuel McNair 2018 after Pieter Brugel the Elder: Gluttony from the seven sins series (c1558)

Sloth - Illustrated by Samuel McNair

Appropriation of Pieter Brugel's Sloth from the seven sins series (c1558)


Envy/Turkey - Sam McNair 2019 - after Brugel the Elder

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